Sunday, July 18, 2010

By the light of day

Today, the feelings still linger, but I have realized a few things.

I am a good friend. I will do anything someone asks of me as long as it causes no harm or hardship to my husband and my children. I am a good mother. I educate them, I feed them, I clean them, I dress them, I play with them, and most of all....I LOVE THEM. I am a good person and though it may take awhile to counteract all the negative things that have been thrown at me, I WILL!!!

I will be stronger than your hate, I will be stronger than your drama, and at the end of the day, I will walk with my head held high. I have a husband who loves me, children who love me, and friends who prove to me you and all your words are nothing but your own problems. I will be happy and surrounded by love and joy. What will you have? Where will you be?

I will move past these hurt feelings. It may take a week, it may take a month, but I will only be stronger because I was able to take those things you have said and done and used them to make myself better. I will be better to my friends because I will not want them to feel the way you made me feel. I will be better to my children, my husband, and my family because I will never want them to feel the way you made me feel.

All your hate, hurt, and drama will only make me stronger and today is the day that I stop letting you in.


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