Saturday, July 24, 2010

A good ol' fight with the neighbors

We had been having a hell of a time with the neighbors. They have a little dog, with a little dog bark and they would just leave that little fucker out for hours. One night that thing barked for over 5 hours straight. I had gone to their door a million times, okay well not a million, but a lot. There was never an answer. Finally, I had to call the cops. The cops could not get anyone either. After about a week, I finally caught someone home and said something. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a quiet dog.

A few days later, it started again and again I could get no one to come to the door. I decided to call the cops again. This time they made contact and the barking stopped. Needless to say our "relationship" was not off to a good start.

Then the other day, the lady's daughter parked blocking our driveway, which pissed me off. I went down and politely explained to them that if my husband got called out he would not be able to get out of the driveway. Well, apparently it pissed the lady off. After I was back in the house, she stood their bitching about it and then proceeded to kick some leave that had gone into her yard back into our yard.

I got crazy mad and flew down the stairs and out the door. She and I began a yelling match after having kicked some leaves back and forth at each other. Of course our argument was not very productive considering she speaks Spanish and I speak English. Luckily her daughter came and translated. Turned out she thought I was being petty calling the cops because she did not know I had been trying to contact them and called the cops as a last resort. The altercation ended in apologies and a fresh start.

I am pretty sure we looked amazingly stupid, two grown ass women out in the yard kicking leaves at each other and yelling at each other in languages neither of understood.


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