Friday, January 20, 2006

Drying Up

I feel like my brain has dried up and blown away. When did I get so stupid? I can't spell, I can't punctuate, and god forbid I use words grammatically correct. I have just come to the conclusion that I will never be able to work again. Want to know why? Because these little people that live with me (No, not fucking midgits...though I would adopt one in a heartbeat) are sucking any intelligence I had right out of me. When they start school and I am able to be gainfully employed, I will pretty much be brain dead. I will probably have to rig somehting up to keep my eyes open and I will have to wear a bib to absorb the drool. Oh, and do not forget the fact that I can not sneeze, laugh or even fucking hicup without pissing my damn pants. Oh laugh, that is fine. I know it is funny. I just think it would be a hell of a lot more amusing if it wasn't me.

Side note: for those of you unaware, I have an obsession with little people. No, not my damn kids, midgits. I don't know why. I just love them. I want to have my picture taken with one. No, not like some damn freak show, more like a celebrity. I am amazed at the shit they manage to do. Okay, back to my midgit obsession. One day, Clint and I were at the "adult" store looking for prizes for one of the pleasure parties I had and we saw a blow up midgit. I have to go back to get it. I have every intention on mailing that sweet thing to my friend Mike in Iraq. He is going to buckle that baby into his humvee. He is my friggin' hero....well, he will be when I get a picture of the blow up doll in his humvee in Iraq.

Next side note: My taxes are done. Mike's wife Amy has done their taxes and I know she plans on getting him a laptop. So, when he gets his laptop and internet access, we will start a new game. I expect all my darling poopettes to play with me. We are going to "Show Mike". So watch for it. Coming soon to a blog near you.


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