Saturday, January 28, 2006

Forgotten Thursday

I did not post on Thursday and I really should have. It was quite a day.

I went to the gynecologist. Whoo Hoo. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I has a little plastic submarine inserted into my vagina

and a popsicle stick scrapped against my cervix. Oh yes, let us not forget the two finger probe. MMMMMM......That may be my favorite part. Okay, I hope everyone who may come across this knows that I am totally full of shit. My favorite part is having my droopy, fried egg boobs probed for any abnormalities.

That is really the best part. So, the outcome....."Your cervix looks great, just keep an eye out for your postcard in the mail." Oh yes, that's right, I have a good looking cervix. Jealous, don't be. It could still be covered in cancerous cells. I won't know until I receive that very personal post card. She also said "your breasts are great." Man, who's fucking standards is she going by. I am pretty sure tits that look like old, sad deflating balloons is not anyone's idea of great.

So, after searching the net and checking out a couple of places, like here and here, I have decide to change my blogs name to :

Okay, not really. But that would be pretty damn funny. Don't you think?


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