Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To Dooce or Not to Dooce

I was reading several blogs last night and came across another blog (should have saved the link) that reviews blogs (Could I say blog one more time?). What struck me as funny was the fact that this person credited all mommy blogs to Dooce. I actually started my blog after reading my brothers. A blog mainly about military stuff that is completely over my head. I did however agree with the fact that the Dooce followers are sometimes cultlike. I mean really, how different is her blog from some of the other well written and honestly a bit more entertaining blogs (Meritt, TKW, etc....). I agreed with the reviewer that her blog was a bit over rated. I mean come on people. You can come to my blog and read about my kids, who by the way, are much funnier and much cuter. You can try to decipher my misspellings and my poor grammar. Oh, and do not forget my 12 year old boy sense of humor. There is really nothing funnier then poop, farts and of course Hubby sitting on the toilet. I guess the whole point of this was....I agreed with the reviewer on everything but how us mommy bloggers get started and dammit, I can not remember who the hell it was that had such profound things to say. Okay, profound is probably not the best word choice, but doesn't it make me sound ubber smart and totally hot.


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