Friday, January 27, 2006

Freaky Friday

Today is a beautiful day. Clint has a going away lunch for a chicky bird at work (glad to see her going) and I get to go. That's right, a friend across the way is going to watch the kids for us. Goodie,goodie gum drops.

I get this in an e-mail from my sister in law. I had never really seen this pose in yoga. I think Clint and I may give it a try after lunch.

While out, we will also be going to fill out paperwork for the twins to start pre school in August. Yes, I do teach them at home, but they really have a very sheltered life. They need to be exposed to other adults really more then other kids. They are with me ALL the time and have no social skills with adults. Clint and I are hoping this will help them to come out of their shells a bit more. It will also give me a bit more time to focus just on Ethan. He is actually doing pretty damn well having just turned two. He knows all his shapes (including octagon) he can count to ten in English and five in Spanish. I really just need to be able to give him some more one on one time. He isn't quite as advanced in his verbal skills as the twins were at this age. I would really like to catch him up. I am a bit nervous letting some one else have the reigns with my babies, but it really is something they need. The best part.......we are so poor we qualify for free schooling. Oh yeah!!! I knew being poor was going to pay off.

Damn, I had something else I wanted to say and have had a brain fart and can't remember. Oh yeah, It looks like we may be living in the Fort Worth area when Clint gets out of the Army. He starts ACAP (process of looking for a job, house, etc....) this July and by next may, he will be on terminal leave (never looking back). Man, I can not believe it is coming so fast. I know I would really rather live closer to San Antonio, but shit, Fort Worth is way closer then Colorado. So to all those back home, this means We will be staying at your houses when we come to visit. ALL of us!!!! That's right!!! I said ALL!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.


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