Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dry Socket, Green Grass, and Baby Poop Hater

So, apparently the Grass is greener on my side.
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I have been watering like a mad crazy woman. I want my baby grass to grow and be healthy and I want our building to be the best in our neighborhood.
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Look at the really shitty grass across the street. Bwahahahahaha!!!
Me? Competitive? No?!!?!? Okay, maybe a little.

Clint may now have dry socket (he is off to the dentist, as I type). For any of you who have had teeth pulled and been through dry socket, you know it is extremely painful. My poor husband is not only crabby from starvation (he is in desperate need of a steak),
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but he is in a shitload of pain (he is not one of those cry baby men either. He is a tough cookie).

And about the baby poop hater......
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Well, this guy last night at blog explosion, was pissed because a "blog with a picture of a baby covered in bleep "(his words not mine) beat him. Doesn't he know that bleep is very funny. Anytime you post a picture of poop, childhood injuries, or a story about sex, you are going to win. Poop, violence, and sex sells. That is not why I write about it. I write about it, because my life is full of poop (oh gosh, I just cracked myself up). I write about what goes on here for my friends and family to read. I also write because I am addicted to both my computer and my blog. So, to the baby poop hater I say,
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"Take a laxative and loosen up. It is a game".


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