Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Jock Itch is Spreading!!

Oh dear god....The bumpy, lumpy crap is on my knees (no, I have not been on them too much). I bet Clint thinks I am dead sexy now. I will have to try and get a picture of the nasty business to share. I have been using the cream the doctor gave me (trimanoblahblahblah is the technical term). It helps a little bit with the itching, but the bumps have not gone away yet. Maybe he should go ahead and put me on a morphine drip (man, who needs paxill when you have a morphine drip).

I have been busy helping the "step sisters" (insert evil laugh here) set up their own blogs (which can be seen here and here). They are so excited about them. The point of that was, I have been unable to get through my blogroll the last two days and feel so lonely (insert pathetic whimpering here).

SIDENOTE: My darling blog friend MaMa Duck asked what was on the menu for Self Portrait Friday. I am going to post my just out of bed look for you all to make fun of and be disgusted by. Please feel free to join me.
Now listen my Biatches...don't go trying to brush your hair and put on make-up. (oh, Meritt, if you look good, I am so breaking up with you as blog friends. BWAHAHAHA)


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