Thursday, June 02, 2005

I told you so!

I distinctly remember saying today was gonna be a "drinking wine" day. BOY HOWDY!!!
I canceled my doctors appointment, took the kids to Wal-Mart, and played outside. So far so good, right?!?!?! Oh Hell friggin' no. Daddy was swollen, sore, and sleeping when IT happened.

Steven climbed up on the dresser in the play/Ethan's room to get diapers to throw to Emily and their neighbor friend. The same dresser that holds their TV. Well, It fell. The dresser fell on top of Steven and Emily and the TV fell on Steven's head.

I think I need more than wine to get over today. Steven seemed to be alright until he started crying for a towel. Let me just translate that for you. In Steven language, that means I am going to throw up. Oh holy shit!!!!! I called the nurse help line and got the most helpful lady. We discussed his symptoms and what to do. He never threw up again and was not exhibiting ant other signs of a concussion. Whew!!! We are in the clear.

Both kids are battered and bruised, but I am confident they will survive. When I asked the twins if they were ever going to do that again, they both adamantly replied "no". I hope not. I will tell you, that doesn't matter anyways. Clint is going to bolt the dresser to the wall. SO, again I ask, Can they come stay with you.


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