Monday, June 27, 2005

Sidewalk Chalk, Domestic Violence, and $100 buckaroos

Oh What a weekend (of course nothing tops Bunny). I went to an Arbonne party Friday night (that is some expensive ass stuff for an lower enlisted military family). On my way home, I was stopped at the gate for a random vehicle search. They of course want to see my insurance (current), driver's license (current), and Vehicle registration (expired in uhm....January). That's right, I said January (sheepishly laughing). The civilian officer gave me a 100 dollar ticket. DOH!!!!!! He really did not have a choice. January!!!!!

So, Now I am home. Clint and the neighbors are filling me in on all the drama with the "children" (18-20 in the military) that live across the street. They play their music to loud, They speed, They have almost hit our kids , they have almost hit our cars, they have thrown up in my other neighbors yards, and they have yelled profanities as they are driving away. So they were pretty much doing the same old shit. We then heard a man and a woman fighting. It got violent, so we called the MPs. Clint and Amy ended up having to fill out statements and of course, she denied her husband touched her. NO, of course there wasn't any domestic violence. WHATEVER!!!!!!!

The next morning, this had appeared on our sidewalk.

You would think the crazies across the street did it, but you would be wrong. It was written by an eight (yes, 8) year old little girl. This is the same little girl I caught kicking her dog. Can you say ISSUES?

Oh what a weekend. Katie, Kimberly, and I managed to still have a great time. first, Bunny brought us some entertainment, then we went to Garden of the Gods, and lastly, we had lunch at Red Robin.

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