Sunday, June 12, 2005

Way to GO!

Clint and our neighbor, Mike, went to Amarillo yesterday to pick up the "evil step-sisters" (Okay, they aren't evil, but it sounds so much more dramatic). I am very excited to have them here. ALL the neighbors are clamoring for dates to have the girls babysit. Good luck, I get first dibs and we are going to go see some sites.

He told me yesterday (he is still in diapers, not yet potty trained) he needed to go potty. I pretty much ignored him. He then came downstairs butt naked, saying something about poop (god, I really DO talk about poop a lot). A huge pit formed in my stomach, as I thought back to the shit mural he and his sister painted in their room back in January or February. I quickly went to investigate. He guided me to the upstairs bathroom, where he promptly pointed out the little potty had poopoo and peepee in it. "Holy ape shit, batman!!!" The boy had really gone on the potty. He took off his diaper, let himself into the bathroom, and made potty. What a friggin' genius. He then requested underwear, which I proudly put on him. I then spent the next 30 to 45 minutes, reminding him not to peepee in his big boy underwear. He finally turned to me and said " I don't want to wear underwear anymore. I want a diaper." This to is a sign of genius, if you really think about it. He wanted to play without having to stop to pee. He knew it was acceptable to piss in his diaper. I bet all the sports enthusiasts would wear diapers for the games if they thought they could get away with it.

No, Meritt, I caved and let him put his diaper back on. I think I am going to do the permanent underwear thing in the next week or two.


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