Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Already a day.

Thank you Barb, Christie, Jennifer, Aaron, and Meritt for all the suggestions. I tried shrinking pics and posts, but still nothing. I even tried losing some links in my posts. NOTHING!! Shrinking fonts. NOTHING!!! I guess at least it is showing up right for all you lovely people.

I have figured out that I talk about feces a lot. I suppose, with three toddlers, it comes along with the territory. So, I will again speak of my children's poop. Lucky you! Ethan woke up this morning with the worst diaper I have ever seen. Trust me, I have seen plenty. Not only was it filled with fruit salad (lots of raisins), but it was like some kind of non-removable toxic waste. I practically had to scrub his ass. YUCK!! Not to be out done, Emily took her normal little poopie on the training potty and (NO KIDDING) it was standing straight up. It was so long it stood up out of the potty. How did she do that without getting it on her. It was like one of those soft serve cones. I bet you want to run right out to Dairy Queen now, don't you.

Okay, Okay, I will get off the poop subject. It just seems to have dominated the day so far.
Oh, what an exciting life I lead. Don't hate me because I'm exciting. (crying in desperation for outside stimulation)

Now if you found my day riveting thus far, wait until you hear what the rest of the day holds. We are going to start pricing yard sale stuff, put away laundry, and maybe do a little scrapbooking. I know, you are so jealous. You to could have this flashy life. It isn't for everyone. The fans, the autographs, the papparazzi......

Oh yes, the play date...
The little boy was very sweet and well behaved and the mommy was very, very nice. She has said they would like to have us over to their house sometime. I think she was running away when she said that. I am just kidding. I think!!!

sidenote: My darling friends Mike and Amy, who I absolutly adore, are in the process of getting a house. Please send them some good thoughts and energy. We hope that they get exactly what they want and need. They are really some of the nicest, craziest people you will meet. Good luck guys. We love you!!!!


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