Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is it Monday?

I have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach since yesterday afternoon. I think it might be the "crazy lady" meds. I have heard it takes a few days for your body to adjust. True or not true, what do you think?

Ethan has been running a fever since day before yesterday. I think his problem could be the gigantic molars coming in. Oh great...this just makes eating even easier for MOOSE BOY. I hope he plays for the Dallas Cowboys when he grows up. I would love to go to some NFL games with my husband. He is such a huge Cowboys fan. The funny thing is, I really am not into sports, but I love to watch them live.

My last post had an unexpected visitor. My little brother (27) stopped by. I think I will have to dig out some pictures of him to share. He was the weirdest (in a funny way) little boy. I honestly think this guy was born with a kool-aid mustache and his finger up his nose. He was such a nose picker. Of course we come by it honestly. Our parents, HUGE NOSE PICKERS. I swear!!! They could pick anywhere, anytime. I love those sweet , loving things that stand out about my family. One more? Okay. I also think farting and burping was one of the biggest bonders for our family. I mean, if you think about it, Farts are pretty damn funny. Some families camped, some families went to church, and some families make noises with their bodies. That was us!!!

Good god, how did I get off on that tangent!!! Maybe I will actually have something interesting to talk about later, besides my families fascination with bodily functions. Oh, we think pooping is great for laughs also!!!


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