Monday, April 18, 2005

New neighbors and other random crap

I have new neighbors. Well, one girl isn't exactly new, (been here since October) but her husband just left for Iraq (3rd ACR). Favorite neighbor and I have taken her into the fold. The other neighbor is actually new (moved in this week). She seems really nice and she also has TWINS.

Then there is tall neighbor across the street who told me last week,"maybe we shouldn't hang out anymore." Apparently when I told her I do not appreciate her rude comments about my furniture, dedication to my family, and my desire to vacuum up the popcorn my kids had gotten all over the dining area, I was being too sensitive. HA HAHA
The really funny part is she asked favorite neighbor if I understood that she needed to be herself (rude) and that was why she thought it best we not hang out anymore, Favorite neighbor told her That I couldn't care less. OUCH!!! It is true, I couldn't care less. I am 31 years old, the mother of three toddlers, a dedicated wife, and addicted blogger, I do not have time for petty BULLSHIT!!! CEST LA VIE!!!( did I spell that right?)

I think I have made a break through with darling Emily. This child is praise driven. I have just given her loads of positive reinforcement and the tantrums seemed to have slowed down a bit. Really, just a bit. Hopefully they will let up some more today. If this doesn't work, Clint and I will have to go ahead and eat her. WHAT?!? It would cut back on groceries and we would be rid of the evidence. Oh God, Really....I am just kidding. Sounds like a good idea though,when she is just standing there screaming for no damn good reason.
Oh, crap...am I rambeling? I have so much just rocking around in my head. I will probably post some more random crap later. As for now? Lucky me gets to change a few shitty diapers. GOODIE GOODIE!!


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