Monday, April 25, 2005

She lives!

I have survived the migraine that I apparently purchased from A Texan Abroad. I could not get my ass up yesterday. I had taken so much migraine medicine that once the headache was gone, I was super sleepy!!! I ,despite all that, had a nice weekend. Clint brought me a delicious breakfast in bed on Saturday morning. We then took the kids for a little outing. We went to Home Depot and then braved going out to eat with three toddlers. This was the first time in over a year we have taken all three of our children out to eat. I was so proud of them. They behaved so beautifully. We went to Red Robin. Emily fell in love with the big robin that walked around the restaurant. Everytime he came by, she would show him how she could take a bite and then jump up and hug him. Steven thought it was really cool that he and the robin both had on red tennis shoes!!! I think Ethan just saw a big chicken and wanted to eat him.
We watched that movie Terminal, with Tom Hanks, It was pretty good. I think the Katherine Zeta Jones part was really not necessary to the story...It just seemed to fill a bit of time.
(I am laughing so hard right now)
I had to stop typing for a moment and head to the bathroom, because the morning coffee was kicking in. *wink*wink* You know what I am talking about. As I came out of the bathroom, Husband met me in the hallway looking for a kiss. I am laughing so hard, because he tried to swoop me up in a beautifully romantic gesture and stubbed his toes on the corner of the wall. So much for a morning make-out session. He is now in pain and I can't stop laughing.

One final little note: I am sure you all read about the For Your Pleasure party I had. In an effort to help my dear friend Amy, if anyone is interested in having a party or being a rep, please feel free to e-mail me. Just go to my profile and my contact info is now there.


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