Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Doctor is In

Just got back from the doctor. No, I am not dieing, not pregnant (thank god!!!), and I am not getting a breast enlargement. I went to get more refills on my migraine meds. They are excellent. Midrin? I think that is what it is called. Works like a charm. Thank goodness because I hate those nasty headaches. You want to crawl in bed and never come out. That is just not possible with three babies. This stuff, I take when the symptoms start (squiggly lines, sensitivity to light, etc..), headache either never follows or is very minor. I think the key is taking it as early as possible. I also wanted to talk to him about some possible anti-anxiety meds to help when the BIG mood swing comes along. I explained to him that other than my ability to not sleep very well, I do not have any real symptoms of depression. This made me really nervous about taking an anti-depressant. He did say that anti-anxiety drugs are usually very addictive. We discussed my new work out regiment (Tae bo and lots of crunches and side crunches) and that I had quit smoking (bye bye Marlboros). He said he cannot remember the last patient that actually followed his advice and tried his suggestions . The original thought was that the working out might release enough of the good shit to help with the craziness that is called ME. We had also hoped it might help with my libido. I think eating (good way to celebrate cinco de mayo) my three children would help with that (still considering getting the big smoker). It is hard to get in the mood when you are worn out by the end of the day. These little people can really suck you dry... hee hee no pun intended(lie, totally intended). Get it...No libido...dry... allright, maybe it wasn't that funny to you, but it made me laugh. Anyways, I am now on paxill (spelling?) at the lowest dose to see how it goes. He wants me to go get my liver functions checked in about a month. Scary!!! I will no longer be a flaming bitch but I will have to give up the liver. I hope that is not the case. He did say my new red wine diet was okay even with the crazy lady meds. There is such a stigma on these anti-depressants. I don't care though. I figure if it makes me even better, I will be almost perfect because I am so damn close already!!! I will say it again, someone has to like me..I spend a lot of time with me, so who better to think I am great. :)
That is the gist of the doctor's appointment. Clint is probably thrilled. Goodbye moody wife...HE HOPES ANYWAY


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