Friday, April 08, 2005

Try again.

Short version:
This was my crazy day yesterday in a nutshell.
She says because he had a leaky diaper one day and because when dad picked up another day he was dirty I was neglecting him. Her husband tried to intimidate me by calling and yalleing at me(I hung up) because he thought I might report them for child abuse. The kid WAS dirty, They were playing outside when dad picked them up. The diaper probably was leaking. The kid drinks like a camel preparing to cross the desert. She even said herself the diapers she was buying were shitty. It was 4:30 that day and he had been changed after nap at 2. My 2 year olds usually go longer then 2 and a half hours in a diaper. She should have just said he needs to be changed more because he pees a lot or something. He needs a diaper every two hours and she wanted me to potty train? Crazy ass woman. So since her husband kind of scared me, I called their old neighbor to find out his info in case I needed to call his commander. They told me they had been waiting for the shit to hit the fan...Told me some wild shit. Why did they not tell me this before I started? They thought I was friends with the mom. I met her one time, I thought she was friends with old neighbor and I was trying to be nice. So, apparently they are F$#king crazy. He is violent with her and Conrad (of course all hearsay from nieghbor).Wish I had known this sooner. I made the MPs aware of the situation. Hopefully he doesn't try to do anything to us or our property. YES APPARENTLY THEY ARE THAT CRAZY. Oh when I talked to her I told her I thought she was using me as a scapegoat to quit her job. Crazy husband was "making" her work. Bitch!!!!! She did not deny it she just said that she was sorry about the situation!!! UUUGGGGHHHH
Okay, that is the short version. I am leaving out all kinds of crazy stuff because I am afraid to keep typing.


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