Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Good Military Wives

I have a delightful neighbor (funny as shit) that lives across the street. The poor thing is a basket case right now, dealing with her first deployment. Her husband is in the 3rd ACR and left for Iraq in March. Anyways, she came over last night and brought a big box of 3t's for my little Emily. How Sweet. We are doing the big baby clothes exchange. I get the 3t's and she gets whatever Ethan grows out of. Seeing as how I am so frugal (cheap), this is super great!!!!

Next, I did something a little out of character today. I called a total stranger. Clint has a fairly new guy in the office who is the proud papa of a two year old. HHMMMMM... You have a two year old, I have two two year olds, sounds like an instant play date. So, I called his wife this morning (never ever having met her or husband) and invited her and little man over for a play date this afternoon. What has come over me? Is it possible, despite all the rumors, I am really a nice person? NO!!!!! Say it isn't so people.

If you read my previous post about the doodlebops, I would like to give you an update. It is now an obsession in my household. Today, the wiggles (usually loved and adored) came on and the hollered for the doodlebops.


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