Sunday, October 02, 2005

Handy Man

My husband is so wonderful. Everytime I need something to house toys or televisions, he gets right on it. Here is the Television cabinet he built for me.

I needed something high and mounted to the wall, to keep the kids from pulling the tv off the dresser it was sitting on and of course killing themselves. It turned out so beautiful. The next project was a cabinet to hold all their toys.

Notice how all the toys are separated into rubbermaid tubs. I have started training them early. You play with something and then you put it away before you get something else out. I may be a bit OCD.

Oh yeah, see the bed next to the cabinet? That belongs to the youngest of my little assassins. We tried having a sleep room and a play room. Not so bueno I tell you. All he did was play when the twins were in the same room as he was. We had to move the little asswipe back to the playroom. Oh well. Someday we plan on living in a house bigger then a damn matchbox. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dreams of the future!!!!


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