Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is that proper procedure?

Man oh man, what a weekend thus far. Friday night's sex toy party yielded a shit load of people. There were 23 people besides my friend Amy. The orders are still coming in. Yah!!!! Amy!!!!! After the sex party guests began to leave, my darling neighbors and I started to drink, chat, and just have an all around delightful time. Clint decided to go to bed around midnight. Shortly after, two guys from across the way showed up and invited all of us over to their yard, where they had a keg. I declined and off to bed I went to do my "wifely duties" (To much info, I know). At about 2 am, my phone rang. It was Amy. I decided to ignore the call, figuring she was just calling to be a smartass and interrupt the "business". I was so very wrong. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Amy tells me that her husband Mike, Clint's good friend, is in handcuffs. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

Three couples (our friends) went to the party, which was full of testosterone wielding guys. A guy got up in Mike's face and was talking shit about his kids and his parenting. He pushed Mike and Mike tried to diffuse the situation. Then the guy swung. Mike layed him out, in self defense. Well, when the MPs came, the guys friends (who were not even outside when the altercation took place) told an investigator, that Mike and the two other husbands jumped this guy. Yeah right!!!! Well, because the guy looked pretty rough the investigator took them at their word and handcuffed all three husbands. The fella that got beat up (in self defense mind you) told the investigator that he had started it and things just got out of hand. His friends did not like that answer and kept on. So, the three husbands were taken into custody and had to be picked up by their chain of command. That sucks!!!!!! I do not think any of them will get in trouble, but what a pain in the ass. Talk about a bunch of drama. We are too old for that kind of shit. All of our friends (older like us) could not believe the way it all went down. Poor guys.

So, do you think that is normal procedure? The other guys at the "party" were not taken in, even though the husbands were told they were just being taken in to get everything straight. Shouldn't they have taken every one involved in? I mean really!?!?!? These husbands are not the aggressive type. I find it ridiculous that they were treated so unfairly. Especially because the guy swung first and Mike was just defending himself. Nothing against "younger folks", but you should really learn to control yourself when drinking.


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