Sunday, October 16, 2005

Holy Shit!!!

Yes, today is Sunday. Here at the Stein house, we are cleaning up poop. Ethan took his diaper off and just shit all over the floor. Just took it off and shit. It wasn't the easy to clean up pebble poop. NOOOOOOOOOOO, it was some kind of black tar poop that I am sure is from all the cake and candy yesterday. Whoo Hoo. I friggin' love parenthood. Everyone should do it. It is so friggin' great. Let me give you a list of the things you will have to look forward to:
Hips that never go back to where they were
Boobs that remind you of pancakes
Gray hair
Belly fat that will not go away
Up to your ass and elbows in poop, piss, boogers, and vomit
Ripped mail, books, and magazines
Always having to share your food
Dora, Dora, and Dora
Little to No sleep
Guilt for scarring them, for giving them too much, giving them to little, being around to much, being around to little
Sex drive? What's that?
Why!! They always want to know why.
Money? You will never have enough money.
You no longer know what is cool.
You wil find yourself turnung into your parents. "I will give you something to cry about".
There are so many more. Feel free to add yours.

They have also rubbed vicks vapor rub on themselves today (I left the bathroom doo runlocked) and dumped the food coloring we use to color bath water , out in the tub. Ah, what a teriffic day.


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