Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Was I Tagged?

I could have sworn I was tagged for this one, but can not remember by who. If I wasn't, well I am doing it anyway.

1. The town I grew up in. Well, considering I was a military brat, I will show you my favorite place we lived and also the place we settled.

I loved 29 Palms the best out of all the places we lived because I remember it the most and I met one of my most favorite people there.

We settled in San Antonio, so I consider that HOME.

2. Where I live now: Fort Carson Colorado

3. My Name

4. My grandmother's name

5. My favorite food: Pasta, Pasta, and more pasta. YUMMY

6.My favorite drink: Milk in a frozen mug.

7. My favorite smell: No, it isn't crap. That would be the most often smelled. I like things to smell clean.


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