Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Can't Get With It

I have so much ratteling around in my brain. For those of you who are nosey like me, let me just say that the family drama moved to e-mails and is now over. I am not happy with the outcome, but I will say honesty is the best policy and that is all I will be. DONE!!!!

I was going to play some Way Back Wednesday, but I can not find the pictures. Dammit!!!!! Sorry MaMaDuck. I wanted to earn the bonus points for cheesy background.

Ethan is now in the "I will take my diaper off anytime anywhere" phase. I am telling you, I really am starting to lose my poop appreciation. Poop on the carpet is just gross. Well, if it is deer pellets, it is kind of funny. Okay, a lot funny.

Man, I am just dry, I have nothing. I think I am just a bit worn out. How about some requests (non porn). That might liven me up a bit. I will answer any question or show any picture. Wanna see my kitchen? Man, I am pathetically addicted to this thing. Just rambles.


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