Thursday, October 13, 2005

Music and Astroglide

Where do I even start? My neighbor came over to late her neice play with the kids. I was upsatirs drinking some coffee and folding laundry. When I left the room, I did not lock the door like usual. I didn't know it was going to be Christie at the door and I thought I would be right back. Well, In this house.....ALWAYS LOCK THE DOOR. Christie and I were sitting downsatirs, the kids were playing in the play room (I thought) and everything was good. I came upsatirs when I heard doors opening and closing. You would not believe what I found. There were four children, covered head to toe in astroglide. They were so lubed up, you could have shoved them right up an elephants ass. Ethan was playing with the cds and there were "special items" littering the floor. Oh and that cup of coffee I had been drinking, gone. It had been dumped all over the computer desk. So, just a quick recap: four children covered inlube, every surface in my room covered in lube, lube all over the carpet, lube all over the cds, sex toys littering the room, and coffee all over my beloved computer desk (and down the wall and on the speakers and all over the mouse).

So, needless to say, I am going to be listing three toddlers on EBAY. I do offer shipping discounts and no reserve, but there will be no refunds or exchanges. If you want them, you better hurry and contact me before I get them listed and we can make a deal. They will be going cheap.

I am sorry I do not have photos, but I had to get them in the tub and start un-lubing everything. Man, it was the eight dollar bottle too.


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