Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thirteen Thursday

I am joining MommaK in a little game of thirteen Thursday.

1. Ever since the birth of the last spawn, my pits sweat. Not a little sweat, I sweat like Whitney Houston on stage at a fourth of July concert. I have sweat stains on my shirts. I can feel it drip. What the hell is that all about?
2. I found out recently, my sister-in-law who is not speaking to me, thinks I have called her a bunch of (insert foul language names) names. I am so disappointed that she thinks that. I have never used any foul names to describe her. We used to get along and hang out a lot. I miss that. I miss that!
3. Tomorrow night I am having another sex toy party at my house. Who knew EVERYONE is a pervert.
4. I am pretty homesick right now. My brothers and all their kids have been spending a bunch of time together. I am so jealous. I love my family so very much. My family and their families are the most important things to me in the world. I would give up blogging forever to be with them.
5. Emily has taken 5 shits already today. Deer pellets. I do not get it.
6. I love General Hospital, but I hate the new Carly! Yuck.
7. Erik's wife Missy is way to pretty for him. (I am so kidding.....or am I?)
8. Bloggers I would love to meet.....MaMaDuck, Meritt, Erik, Jenny, Rhianna, Cat, Crystal, Toni, WarCryGirl, Stacy, A Military Mom, ......damn, this list is going to be way to long. Just go see my blogroll.
9. Making this list is friggin'' hard as hell.
10. I have not done anything about Halloween costumes for the kids yet. I am going to screwed if I do not get on that.
11. Ladies, if you do not own it, I highly recommend the PEARL RABBIT. Good stuff.
12. I hate shaving my pits, my legs, and my you know where. I am going to have that laser shit done one day. For those of you who were on aware (I was until my friend Tara filled me in), you have hair on your bunghole. Yes, even women. Ewwwwwwww!!!!
13. People I really miss from home: Tara, My dad and his family, my brothers, their kids, Ashley, Karen, Hope, Pat, Terry, Becky, Tanner (my dog), Willie (my cat), and my grandmother. She is the best grandmother in the world. No matter where I am or what goes on, I miss each and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SO MUCH. Oh yeah, I miss all my family in Springtown too. they are so great.

Alright, that's it. How's I do MommaK?


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