Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TMI Tuesdays

I decided to follow the lead and play some games today to lighten the mood. So, I went to Christie's blog and decided to play To Much Info Tuesday.

1. How long do you carry guilt around with you?Not long. I try very hard not to hurt people deliberatly. If I have hurt someone, I am more then willing to admit it and apologize

2. If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be? I think George Clooney is preety damn cool.

3. What is that one thing that gets you going the fastest and just makes you melt? A clean Kitchen that was cleaned by hubby. Oh, and vacuuming. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

4. Do you gossip? Not so much. I love to hear everyone's business, but I try hard to not tell anyone but Amy, Tara, and Clint. It is like confessional. You have to get it out so you do not let it slip around the wrong people. They are like my priests.

5. Do you take reading material with you to the bathroom? Hell no. I am in and out. Never had a "slow" day in my life.

Bonus! On a scale from 1-10, how loud are you? It totally depends on the situation. I would have to say an average would be a 7.

Thanks Liz for the fun game.


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