Saturday, May 14, 2005

Grass stains, racing stripes, and good old sweat stains!

I am pretty darn good at removing stains (move over Martha!), but give me a flippin' break. These damn kids, I swear. Clint mowed the yard (like any good super hubby should) and Emily decided to lather herself in cut grass. Now her adorable (white none the less) tank top has green all over the front. NICE!!! She has also decided it isn't worth the time to wipe her (it's very small, how long can it really take) ass after her gargantuan shits. I suppose She gets that from her Grandad (yes, my father often sports the doodoo racing stripe). The sweat stains, unfortunantly, are me. YUCK YUCK!!! What the hell. I give birth to three damn children and suddenly my pits drip like a damn leaky ass faucet. Dis- gust- ing!!

Thank you to the two (yes, only two, you bitches...hee hee) hotties, Jennifer and Jenny, who participated in Self- Portrait-Friday. Merritt participated in a totally unknowing manner. You gotta love that girl.

If you are here via blog explosion, welcome to my shithole. I am sooo kidding. I have spent alot of time getting this look. I will probably change it again, so why don't you stay awhile. Blogroll me, comment, just feed my addiction. I have said it before and I will say it again. Hi, my name is Katy and I am a blogaddict. I am, however, not a quitter. So, hi ho a dare ee o a bloggin'' I will go.


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