Friday, May 06, 2005

So much to do...so many children!!!!

The BIG yard sale is tomorrow.

I still have several boxes to price, one more sign to make, and I have to figure out how to rig something up for hanging the clothes. Any suggestions? We are selling the full size bed in Ethan's room. I think we have decided to just get a futon. We really do not have many overnight guests and the rooms in post housing are not that big.
I have finished cleaning the kitchen, but still need to vacuum. Then, it is on to Yard sale duties. I hope a lot of people come and shop. We are using all of our yard sale earnings to pay down our last credit card. Goodie Goodie. Then of course it's on to the 30,000 dollars in student loan debt (I don't know what happened to my donate button. What happens if Bill Gates or Oprah reads my blog?)
We are having all the neighbors (well, not all...girl who says I am too sensitive isn't invited...who's sensitive now biatch...hee hee, I'm just kidding,NOT!!!!)for chili night.
Oh oh oh, Last night we (the girls in the neighborhood that DO like me) were discussing "great" ways to earn extra money. I said I was more than willing to sell my eggs to some woman that needed them (where the discussion made a turn for the worse). I suggested to Amy that her husband sell sperm (oh, he can't...been snipped). Her reply? I think he should sell a testicle. Is there a market for that? Could we just put up a sign at the Yard Sale? "TESTICLE FOR SALE...$100,000 OBO". Have you heard of this? I remember the pinky toe rumor...50,000 dollars to sell your pinky toe. I would do that in a heartbeat. One little pinky toe to pay off hubby's student loan debts and our car? HELL YEAH!!! TAKE THEM BOTH!!!!
Okay, so I expect everyone to stop by the yard sale tomorrow. You must spend a least 5 bucks (come on, even I can spare five bucks and my husband is a PFC). Once you have bought your 5bucks worth of needed items, you are then expected to pull up a seat and have a tasty beverage (of your choosing of course...Hey, this is a byob yard sale...What did you expect?).
Well, back to my housework (where the hell is my maid...what? I don't have one? I am going to have to have a talk with the hubby.).


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