Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Spouse appreciation

So, today was military spouse appreciation day at the YMCA.

**Spouse Appreciation Day? Is this a military thing?meritt Homepage 05.02.05 - 10:48 pm # **

It was friggin' great. Especially after the all night marathon with sick Steven and sore throat Mommy (plus I was reading poetry for Ellen Degeneres...see following comment.)
**Hijacking this post to say something OT: Last night you were in my dream. Something about reading a poem and Ellen Degeneres heard you reading it to me and wanted to put you on her show. I told myself to remember more details when I woke up, but alas they are gone.meritt Homepage 05.03.05 - 8:25 a**

When Christie and I first arrived we immediatley signed up for the haircut, massage, and hairstyling. We then went and got our goodie bags and collected goodies from all the vendors. I got about $40.oo worth of GOOD hair products, beannie dolls for the kids, pens, keychains, magnets, etc.... I ended up with a quick facial.( performed by Debbie from Southwest Skin 719-579-8482). That was great. Plus she did a quick skin analysis. Apparently I am need of some deep pore cleansing. Her nice way of saying "man, you have a shit load of black heads". We then got our hair trimmed by some cosmo students. (I swear to my dear friend and hairdresser Tara, I did not let them do anything but trim it. I was desperate. You = Texas, Me = Colorado, very hard to get an appoinment with you.) We then got massages from massage students. Christie got totally ripped off. Mine....GREAT. aaahhhhhhh. I could have gone to sleep for sure (remeber last night?) The massage was supposed to be 15 minutes, but mine I swear lasted almost thirty. She said my lower back was really tight. POOR ME!! Next was supposed to be the hairstyling. Didn't happen. There was too many people waiting and I am too impatient. I did manage to get a manicure though. My cuticles look great. They also served a free lunch. I was REALLY looking forward to that. My husband covered the event last year for the paper and said they served fajitas. NOT THIS YEAR! We got chili hotdogs and they didn't even come with onions. That's okay though. I think the event was awesome. The poeple were all so very nice. They did not have to participate in Spouse appreciation day and they did. How nice was that? Well, I am home now and Clint is back to work. Oh yes, his boss at work let him take off to watch our kids so I could go. To make this event even cooler, they provide daycare. I just wasn't able to get a reservation before they filled up, but his boss let himoff work. What a great deal for ME!!!:)


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