Saturday, May 21, 2005


Happy Saturday.
This morning, we took the kids to the "Pet Fair" here on post. They loved seeing all the cats and dogs. Clint had to cover it for the paper, so why not take the kids. I love to watch him work anyways. This is where it will probably get mushy. If you do not care for sweets, I recommend you move on. My husband makes me so proud. He is finishing his bachelors degree, while working a full time job, and being a GREAT dad. My husband helps with every bit of houeswork and child rearing when he is home. I am a very lucky woman. Got a cavity yet?

I just had a funny thought (well, funny to me). I used to tease my friend (The one I told you isn't speaking to me anymore) Hope about how she called all the grownups Mr. this and Miss That. Guess what I say ALL the time. I will again open mouth and insert foot. So many things I swore I wouldn't do or seemed silly to me, I now do with my kids. Everyday it seems I eat the words I spoke before I had my own children. Does this happen to everyone. Does everyone have an ideal way to handle their own children and then when they come, does this ideal change?


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