Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What a Day!

We are done with cribs (holy ape shit batman). Ethan is now sleeping in a toddler bed. My babies are getting so big. I know I bitch and moan about the baby stuff ALL the time (you try having three toddlers, you would be whining like a titty baby), but every now and then, I see how fast they grow up(Boo friggin' hoo, I know).

Another big milestone? Maybe. We are now able to actually leave our bedroom door unlocked and even open without (I put the box of "special items really high")serious consequences (I still do periodic checks). I will be even happier when we can do the same with the bathroom doors. I think we have quite awhile before we get there (remember the porcelain god incident?).

Final note (my head is hung in shame): I have been cheating!!! I have been smoking cigerattes. I know it is a nasty, stinky habit. I am going to have yellow, nasty teeth and a prune mouth. I am not even going to mention the cancer or emphsema (is that spelled right?).I would love to blame it on my friend Jenna (that bitch haha...I am joking of course), but I am an adult. It was easy at first and now, I just need a fix. How pathetic my willpower is. I would love to make excuses like, well at least it isn't heroin, but That is lame. I will just admit my faults here for all the world to see and then go have a cigerette (*lauging sheepishly*)


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