Wednesday, May 18, 2005

To Lisa and the rest of you who think I am nuts

Lisa said:
Oh wow - how old is Ethan now that he is in a toddler bed? Was he climbing out of his crib to prompt this move? I dread the day of changing my girl over because I'm afraid she will wander about the house causing havoc while we sleep. But I also wonder how much longer until she is able to climb out of her crib... I don't want her to fall on the floor (which she already did once when she was a few months old and fell from our bed when she slept with us - I felt SOOOO awful!)
Lisa | Homepage | 05.17.05 - 9:42 pm

Well, Ethan was 16 months old on the 11th of this month (but is as big as a 2 yr old). He was NOT climbing out of his crib (I think he is too fat for that), but he is so good about going right to sleep (You lay that boy down and he is asleep...kindof like Daddy after sex..heehee). I could not have asked for a better sleeper. With the twins, they were almost 19 months and were climbing out of their cribs (There was a twin bed in between their beds that made the fall a little less traumatic). We wanted to keep them confined for our own sanity and of course for the obvious safety reasons (hell, now we want them to get out the front door...just kidding..maybe *wink wink*). They were not able to open their door so we kept it closed and now do the same with Ethan. Our kids also come straight to our room when they wake up (6 friggin' am every morning).

Now, this does not mean we have not had our share of injuries.
1. Emily was probably 4 weeks old and Clint thought she could sit up. Uh, No! She fell backwards and hit her head on a wicker basket.

2. Clint was changing Steven's diaper on the bed in the nursery one night and left Steven to take a quick piss. Guess who learned to roll over? Yep, you got it. Steven rolled right off the bed.

3. Clint had the kids outside playing just days before we were to go visit our families, whom we hadn't seen in a year and Ethan did a face plant on the cement.

Now, I am not saying they don't get hurt on my watch, but does anyone else see an interesting trend?
*laughing silently to myself,because he is sitting right here and has no idea what I am typing*


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