Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Happy Hump Day?

Please do not be surprised at the randomness (is that even a word?) of my thoughts this morning.

I am just going to tell you, I am so saddened by the two little girls that were stabbed to death by ("allegedly") one of the girl's father.
I really am not following the Michael Jackson trial, but do people really expect Macaulay Culkin to get on the stand and testify that he was molested? I would guess he is afraid of the stigma that unfortunately may come along with that kind of admission.
I wonder if people (anti-war supporters) have taken the time to learn how the people in Iraq feel about being liberated? I wonder if they have taken the time to learn about the Islamic extremists that are going into Iraq from other nations? I wonder if they have taken the time to learn about our soldiers and the sacrifices they are making to free and stabilize people a world away from their own everyday lives? I wonder if they really think "Bush started the war"? I wonder if they know it is an act of congress to declare war? I , of course, have been surfing the blogosphere and am amazed by how many people spout off such ignorant rhetoric (not an insult...these people may be very educated but have just not taken the time to really delve into more of the story or just to do not share my opinion).
When, what, who knew? I had absolutely no idea that Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellwegger were even dating. I do not know what that was such a point of interest for me this morning. I guess I was just surprised.
Did anyone watch the season finale of The Amazing Race last night? I was a BIG Rob and Amber fan, but I was content with Uchenna and Joyce winning.


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