Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Always the poop

It seems like it is almost always about the poop with me. Steven (2 1/2) has decided he's ready to potty train. First thing this morning, he took a hilacious (did I spell that right?) shit on his little potty. Yeah Big Boy!!!! Then, later in the day he took another big shit in his Big Boy Pants. Dammit Boy!!!! We did not give up and we are now permanently in underwear. Two down, one more to go. I am going to feel like a friggin' millionaire when I am no longer buying diapers. Trust me, diapers for three is high dollar.

Blinkie update:
I am about half way through my blogroll. Do those that have blinkies already like them? Do you not have a link on the blogroll? Please let me know.

Binkie update(damn, I crack myself up): Ethan (18 months) is down to one pacifier. He has chewed up all the others. I think we are almost done. I wonder if he will wean himself from the pacie, just like he did from the boobie.


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