Thursday, July 28, 2005

He has the biggest balls of them all.

When Ethan was born, they told us he had a condition called hydrocele. They said the fluid would absorb by his first year check -up. It did not. I decided to wait until his 18 month well baby check-up, to give it a little more time. Well, it hasn't absorbed. We have to go to see a urologist (did I spell that right?). I was not really too concerned until I read they would use general anesthesia. I am totally freakin' now. I assumed they would just numb the nuts and withdraw the fluid with a needle. HOLY SHIT! They actually have to go in there. What if they jack something up and he is sterilized? What if he is allergic to the anesthesia? Can he just continue to have big balls? What's wrong with big balls. I have them (well, not really...just wanted to clarify). FREAKING THE HELL OUT.


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