Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Way Back Wednesday

Today Mama Duck is doing the normal Way Back Wednesday. Today's theme is bad hair. I have so many options. I tried to find the picture from the perm my mother gave me in the third grade. Can you say Bozo the Clown? If I find it later, I will share. You will have a great laugh. Today, I am going to show you to very sad pictures. What makes these pictures even worse, my hair and makeup were done by professionals.

This first picture was done at a place called Hollywood portraits. The ghetto version of Glamour shots. There are so MANY things wrong here. Where do I start.

We should start with the hair. I know I lived in Texas, but come on now. Then there are the two fuzzy caterpillars above my eyes. Oh, how about the fact I cannot fill out the top. That is just pathetic. Then there is the make-up. OH MY GOD!!! I think one of my favorite touches is not only the bright ass lipstick, but also the bouncy girls holding my ears in place.

The next picture isn't quite as bad. There has been a tremendous improvement in both the eyebrows and make-up, but let us address the hair.

Not only does my head look extraordinarily large on my boney shoulders, but my hair looks like a brillo pad sitting on my head. I sure thought I was looking good at the time. I was just so unaware of how BIG my head was. BIG HEAD! BIG HEAD!


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