Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I've Been Tagged....Twice.

Kel, over at Mom is Nutz, tagged me.

10 turn ons
1. Long Hugs
2. Clean kitchen (cleaned by hubby)
3. A delicious dinner (cooked by hubby)
4. Breakfast in bed
5. Hubby changing diapers
6. Hubby reading books to the kids
7. Smell of his deodorant
8. His warm body when I am cold
9. The looks he gives me from across the room
10. Clean sheets

10 turn offs
1. Bad breath
2. White zits
3. Grumpiness
4. Selfishness
5. Mean to kids
6. Crumbs in the bed
7. Poop
8. No time on the computer
9. Shaved legs
10. Dirty Clothes on the floor
For this one I will tag two people. I am going to tag Jennifer at What is one more. The second tagee will be Marsha at the Hen House.

I have also been tagged by A Military Mom over at Updates on my soldier. She wants to know what is on my nightstand. Well, I just rearranged the house and no longer have a nightstand. The computer desk is on my side of the bed. Bummer. Clint has a clock and a turtle lamp on his side of the bed. Pretty boring, I know, but with three little children......

Coming soon.....My bad hair!


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