Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wow! Cheers to Hannity and Colmes!!

I suppose everyone who comes by here knows I am a military supporter. I believe they are undercompensated for the sacrifices both the service member and the family members make. There is a disgusting website created by michael crook (I will not link it here because I feel it only pumps his ego). Luckily for this ignorant young fellow, our soldiers defend the freedoms of insensitive, uneducated people like him.
He had the opportunity to spew more of his hate on Hannity and Colmes. Boy, he sure got whipped. I think no matter your stand on the war, you cannot blame our troops. They are doing what has been asked of them by their country. They are allowing ignorant people to read, write, and speak their opinions. Anyone who attacks our brave men and women, I feel, should be hanged for treason (along with Jane Fonda).
Please, join me as I laugh my ass off!!!!


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