Monday, July 18, 2005

It's is time for the Karnival Kidz.

This weeks Karnival is more than that, it's a party.

Let's start the party off at Jen's Horde, by Jen. She shows us how to have a real "Potty Party".

When you are ready, you can head over to The Jump Blog, by GoldFalcon and see how GoldFalconette is driving Daddy to party with her potty.

Jen H. over at Iowa Geek ,shows how to have a party when your power goes out for four hours.

Patticakes shows us David wearing the child's version of the proverbial lampshade.

She said, "Yes, the garbage can was clean. I had just bought it. I don't remember what possessed him to put it over his head. Do kids need a reason?"

Now, walk with me over to One Happy Dog Speaks, by VW Bug. There we can join Tater and Tot having a party on Tater's new bed.

Over at Updates On My Soldier, by A Military Mom, they are celebrating Noah turning six. Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday.

The Common Room, by Deputy HeadMistress, is having a party of kisses that could turn everyone green with envy.

Wait, don't leave yet. The Common Room's Deputy HeadMistress also reminds us there is always room for cherries.

The party has moved back to Iowa Geek, by Jody Halsted. There we learn that, with tooth number six poking through, Brenna's mouth is living it up, trying all kinds of new things.

Over at Primo Donna, Donna shows two of her granddaughters how to get ready with style.

We are now arriving at One Happy Dog Peaks, by Val Wirtz. There, her little Tater shows us how to be the life of the party with his musical talents. And Tot, oh those eyes would melt your heart.

When we stop at Casa McAustin, by Mamamcc, we see why a party of diversity may be in order.

Look, another party. Over at Butterfly Kingdom, by Amy Ivie, the children frolic amongst the bubbles.

YeeHaw!!!! I see over at Sleeping Mommy, by Sleeping Mommy, They are celebrating the feminine ways of Baby Girl and the cowboy ways of Baby Boy.

I think a parade is in order over at ArmyWifeToddlerMom, by ArmyWifeToddlerMom. She is Pink Ninja's Hero. Hip Hip Hooray!

Here at my place, by me, We have decided a pity party is a necessity for baby Ethan.

Now, we pull into My Life As A Middle Child, by Kgrams. Put on your party hat and celebrate the "Many Faces Of Doodlebug", They don't come much cuter.

As our trip around the neighborhood begins to draw to an end, we must not forget to run by Why Are These Kids Following Me?Who Are They Calling Mom?, by Kellie. There we learn the true meaning of the word WOOZLE.

Our final toast goes to And What Next, by Sissy. She reminds us of the good ol' days, when we all thought we were invincible.

Thank you for coming to the block party. I am so glad you could join us. Come back now yah hear!

Feel free to check out some past Karnival of Kids:
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Contact VW Bug at karnival(dot)kidz(at)gmail(dot)com,if you are interested in being a host yourself. It really is a lot of fun.


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