Thursday, July 21, 2005

Check It Out Now!!!

Jenny sent me the following e-mail and I find this cause more than worthwhile. Read about it or suffer the consequences.

August 6th at 9:00 PM (EST) BLOGATHON
is on !!!

We are four women blogging for [MISS foundation
on this group blog ( Three moms and a single
)we made especially for the event.

What is Blogathon ?
First some terminology: “blog” is a shortened version of “weblog” which
is a frequently updated personal website. Most blogs have date stamps
the entries, and consist of links and commentary. Now, remember when
were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you
knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Or run for a dollar a mile?
the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24
hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a
flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages
stay awake.
What is MISS foundation?
Well here's an excerpt from their site
About MISS

More than 120,000 children die every year in the United States. Of
those, more than 80% die before their first birthday...
The MISS Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to helping
families discover hope and eventually heal from the trauma of a child's
For more information check the information

So bottom line, MISS is an organization dedicated to help families cope
with miscarriage, stillbirth, baby loss.

And of course you gonna ask WHY MISS?
The explanation is pretty simple. The idea was mine, since this past
year I suffered 3 miscarriages and I felt the pain (X3) that millions
women feel every year. When I told my idea to CJ, she agreed right away
since she has been through the same thing. Barbara and Erin had no
problem with that so..here we are.
We hope we can raise lots of money with what we're doing so other
families who suffer or suffered can get help. So more research can
happen in order to find the causes and prevent babies from dieing
they even come in the world.
The pain never goes away, no matter how many years go by, no matter if
you have or not other children..it's still there.
And we will NEVER forget our lost babies..even though we never saw

How can you help?
Simply register an account on Blogathon , look under the
participants for the name Jenny and under campaigns for our
blog (Three moms and a single lady), and sumbit the money you
wish to donate. During Blogathon, we encourage you to watch your
bloggers (in this case US) participate and cheer them on - though as a
sponsor, you, of course, can sleep. The next morning check your email
for information telling you how much - and how - to make your donation.

Where can I find more information?
Easy. Check the Blogathon
sponsor FAQ's.

So.. are you guys gonna help please?


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