Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Crash...Boom...Ahhhhh SHIT!!!

Let me tell you about my GREAT day yesterday.
First, it has finally cooled off. This improved everyone's mood.
Secondly, Two of my friends and I decided to load up ALL our kids (9 of them) and head out to the Dollar Tree. I had never been there before. Let me just tell you......I loved it. We got pom poms, flutes, microphones, and of course tiaras. Thirdly, Once my trip to cheap heaven was over, we headed over to Home Depot. Mayoral canidates have to have nice yards, don't yah know. I was on the search for some ivies, but did not find them. I did find some nice plants. Oh yes, I also found myself backing into a car in the friggin' parking lot. I just ran right the hell into it. I started to back up, looked behind me, and decided to back up into the empty space behind me. Guess what!!!! It was friggin' empty. It was just too small to see from my montero. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!!!! Luckily no damage was done to my car, but I did crack her bumper about the size of a quarter (my tow hitch hit it). I went inside and had her paged twice. After about thirty minutes, she came out. A retired officer's wife. UGH!!!! It was like telling your Mom you've been naughty. She was really nice and the insurance company handles it now. WHEW!!!

Clint and Ethan came home last night. I am so happy to have them both home. Clint told me I was no longer allowed to make comments about his driving. His sister sent home presents for the kids. She is too generous. Man, I am so glad to have my baby boy home.

Okay, here is the other crazy shit going on around here. Apparently (neighborhood gossip), this guy across the street got stabbed by his wife somewhere on the other side of town. They came here to search for a stashed weapon or something (lots of neighborhood gossip). Here are the photos of the invesigators. I think if it was "no big deal" like the investigators were trying to imply, Why were they looking in the trash?

In our building toy bin?

On the FRIGGIN' roof?

OKAY.......Whatever....not a big deal...Nothing they can discuss!!!! I like the neighborhood story better.

Self Portrait Friday
My friend across the street came up with the idea of photos of us in our favorite t-shirt. If you do not wear (it did say where...thanks Warcrygirl for pointing out my horrible inadaquacies *cringing with embarrassment*) t-shirts, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? I am just teasing. If you do not wear t-shirts, just a photo of you in your favorite shirt.
I am shooting for thirty players this week. Capeesh...I bet a jacked the spelling up of that word pretty bad. I just spelled it phonetically. Yes, Yes I am an idiot.


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